Saturday, September 12, 2015

Janet Jackson Control & More Control Remixes My Thoughts

1986 proved to a be great year for Janet Jackson. While Control was not her debut album, the old saying "third time's a charm" definitely applies as it was the breakthrough album she needed to break away from the stigma of being just Michael Jackson's little sister.
By the time the album was officially released February 4, 1986, "What Have You Done for Me Lately" had already been burning up the airwaves for three weeks.

From beginning to end, the message is perfectly clear, Janet had something to prove. This is definitely not a cookie cutter 1980's album and is one of a few from that time that doesn't show it's true age.

Besides the aforementioned "What Have You Done For Me Lately" this album, which consisted of 9 tracks, spawned a total of 7 singles including Nasty, When I Think of You, Control, Let's Wait Awhile, The Pleasure Principle and the final single and track on the album, Funny How Time Flies.

Check it out, it's definitely a great throwback to the 1980's without the feeling of delving into the "oldies" genre.

On a side note, a remix album, known as Control:The Remixes and More Control, featuring various remixes from the Control album was released January 26, 1987 in Europe and Japan. It makes a great companion to the original full length album. Three editions of the remix album differ from each other, I recommend the UK edition over the Japanese and European editions.

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