Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling AfterGlow Fan Fund

Being a fan of GLOW as well as a friend to many of the GLOW girls, I interact with them a good bit. In recent months, I've begun to help out with the creation of a few products the individual girls could sell online to help with what we are calling the AfterGlow Fan Party Fund. Essentially, the fund has been set up to raise money to help a few hardcore "SuperFans" of GLOW that wouldn't be able to come along on the cruise without it. Terry and I have already booked our cabin for the cruise and I will be taking part in some of the itinerary. One of the coolest parts of the AfterGlow Fan Party, at least for me, is my story of how GLOW ended for me when I was a kid, will be featured in a new documentary featuring some of the hardcore fans.
For more information regarding the AfterGlow Fan Party Cruise, check out

I have set up a store featuring a few items so far, including a T-Shirt and tank top that I created along with original Glow Girl, the awesome Daisy. The shirt is unique for sure, it doesn't just contain the original GLOW logo in updated Rainbow colors, it has a glitter overlay that sparkles and shimmers in the light. We are also working on the possibility of a GLOW in the dark GLOW shirt also.
We are also offering fans the chance to schedule a telephone call from several of the GLOW girls. Currently we are scheduling calls for Roxy Astor, Sunny the California Girl, the awesome Daisy and the evil dwarf Gremlina. There might be a possibility that we will be adding Beastie the Road Warrior to the mix.

More items which will be offered soon are Personalized Autographed Photos and a couple of limited edition Christmas Ornaments.

My amazing friend Michael Karr and I are spending a good bit of our time off work, working on promoting the AfterGlow Fan Party as well as preserving the legacy of GLOW for a new generation. Check out the definitive GLOW fan page at and be sure to visit and like our page on facebook at

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