Monday, August 17, 2015

I've lost 13 Pounds!!!!

Hidradentis Suppurativa. I had been suffering from extreme, un-explainable pain for years and was relieved to finally get a definitive diagnoses and plan of treatment. There is no cure but treatments do help with remission. Coping with pain through various methods and keeping secondary infections are the key to this disorder. I've been to several dermatologists over the past few months and believe I found the best one for me. He's in his 70's and really experienced and started me out on antibiotics to treat 2 strains of bacteria in an infection that I developed. He's also given me amazing advice including avoid working in heat, use Eucerin Calming lotion or an ice pack to take the edge off pain rather than scratching or rubbing. The downside to it all is the fact that he has advised that I refrain my favorite past time, BATH TIME. Showers only and only as hot as lukewarm, never HOT. He also mentioned that one of my problems is I am TOO clean. How in the world can someone be too clean? Anyway, I intend to feature a few blogs regarding Hidradenitis in the future.
A couple of weeks ago I had my yearly physical and unfortunately, my doctor diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. This may explain a bit of my metabolic issues and even contribute to some of my weight issues. Doctor Gandy prescribed a daily dose of 50 mg's of levothyroxine. Here's hoping it helps but it's a pain in the butt for me to take. Apparently you have to take it on an empty stomach and avoid certain items including iron for at least 4 hours...I just take it at 5 am and jump back in bed until my usual wake up time of 10 am.

More big news!!! I'm back on the weight loss bandwagon. I'm not sticking to one particular diet plan this time, I'm using a hybrid of a few plans plus fighting cravings with healthier swap-outs. For breakfast, I have a Slim Fast shake. Lunch and dinner are usually based on Joel Fuhrman's book Eat To Live as well as Mario Lopez's Extra Lean. My cravings usually range between cheese, ice cream and cake. Lisa Lillien's Hungry Girl website and books are a great tool to help with healthier alternatives. Essentially, I'm aiming at no more than 1900 calories per day, just right for my size. I have completely cut out sugar sweetened drinks, if I do something more than water, it's usually Mio, Crystal Light or Tea with a little Splenda. My coffee is basically black with Splenda and occasionally a tablespoon (yes I do measure) of 2% milk. I can't do anything thinner than 2% milk, it's already too thin for me to love. Since July I have dropped 13 pounds, I started at 197 pounds and my current weight is 184. My goal is to be 145 pounds by May 2016, when Terry and I set sail on our very first cruise.

The diet isn't as difficult as you'd expect, there are so many phone apps that will help keep you on track. Calorie Count being my favorite. Many times this app has helped me make good choices if I found myself in a crunch to get something quick to eat and had to do fast food. My only struggle is trying to tell people that submit their diet 2 cents to fuck off. What works for me might not work for someone else, we are all different and having been to a nutritionist, what I am doing is within the same range as what she customized for me. Honestly, I know what I'm doing and I don't need people that claim they have a clue about nutrition trying to tell me what I should and shouldn't do.

My knitting store is still around at and I have a lot more fun knitted items in the works. This year will be the first year that I offer reversible colored hats as well as hats with pom poms and embellishments such as flowers and other designs. I have worked up a few Minion hats also.

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