Saturday, August 22, 2015

Hobby Lobby's Yarn Bee Sherpa Blend Yarn

My knitting hobby and obsession with buying yarn is definitely not a secret. For the most part, I tend to be a creature of habit and stay with the yarn brands that I know and love, each brand and type for specific uses. If it's soft, I'll create a hat or blanket with it. If the yarn has a rough feel, I'll make a bag or an outerwear scarf with it.

Aside from Red Heart for bright fun patterns, Caron for basic color tones and Bernat for it's classic variegated colors, I love Hobby Lobby's I Love This Yarn brand as it rivals the look of the aforementioned brands but seems to have a bit more of an added element of softness and stretchy-ness.

Every so often I will find a project that requires bulky or super bulky yarn and my go to for those were usually Lion Brand Wool-Ease or Lion Brand Homespun. Both are awesome to work with and very comfortable but eventually I discovered a yarn similar to Homespun that I preferred on every level called Country Loom by Loops & Threads.
Now Discontinued Yarn Bee Sherpa Blend
Occasionally I will try out a new yarn and this "review" is based on one such skein. Yarn Bee's Sherpa Blend yarn from Hobby Lobby. It's soft and furry, a blend of polymide, acrylic and wool, it seemed as if it would be awesome to knit with. I was wrong on all accounts. I usually wind all my yarn into yarn cakes from the skein because it stores easier, loosens up and relaxes the fibers as well as being able to pull from the center of the cake is easier to deal with.

Trying to wind Sherpa Blend using my yarn winder was definitely a test of patience. It took me 4 times longer than a normal skein of Red Heart Super Saver. I began to realize as I'm winding that this yarn will most likely be a bit of a hassle to knit with. I cast on my knitting loom with minimal problems but I did notice that the yarn is a bit catchy as it is wrapped and worked. I got an inch into a couple of knit purl knit purl rows before I realized I'm done with the yarn. Honestly it took me 2 times longer to purl than it did to knit and it should be about the same time. The yarn was also not comfortable to work with, I can't imagine what the final product would have felt like, even when washed in fabric softener.

As with most of my "testor" yarns that I try out, I aim to either use a coupon or if I find something with a deep discount, I'll try it out. This was one such yarn that I found in the clearance section marked down from $6.99 to $1.99. While I'd say that $1.99 would be a deal for a $6.99 yarn, THIS was certainly not the case. Sadly, I can only say that I'm happy that Hobby Lobby decided to discontinue this.

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