Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hand Knitted Purple & Black Striped Scarf & Hat Set

Summer is wrapping up and fall is setting in...just a season away from winter. Last year, I had planned to open up shop in a few consignment places around town and possibly send some of items for my sister to help me sell in Pace, Florida but this year, so far has been a weird one.

Most of my energy, when not working and dealing with mapping out my weight loss plan and dealing with the treatments for HS, has been dedicated to working on the AfterGlow project. As most everyone knows, I LOVE the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and the AfterGlow project revolves around many of the original ladies of GLOW as well as their incredible fans. I've helped design an amazing T-Shirt along with the final GLOW Champion, Daisy as well as I'm in the process of creating new shirts as well as a few other unusual items.
Hand Knitted Purple & Black Striped Scarf & Hat.
So last year, I made a purple and black scarf set which sold pretty quickly on my e-crater page, which I just discontinued in favor of my storenvy page just to simplify my online venues. After I sold the first one, I made another and sold it to someone on, of all places, the MARTA train as I was casting off the hat. I made another and posted it in my etsy shop, which sold super quick also. So here's Purple & Black Hat and Scarf Set #4...All posted and ready for sale in my storenvy shop.

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