Sunday, June 14, 2015

Adrian's Life Early Summer 2015

Hey hey. I've not been posting lately, though I've got LOTS and LOTS of new material to share here. Unfortunately, everything that ends up here is actually written first in a composition book and when I transpose it over to my computer, it's time consuming because of editing and tweaking.

I'm still at Hearth Pizza Tavern in Sandy Springs...I still love it there. It's for sure the best serving job I've ever had in terms of stress. It has has it's moments, mainly to do with high strung co-workers...a few of which have moved on. I work on average 6 days with at least 2 off time is spent sleeping or cooking.

Next May, Terry and I will be going on a cruise along with several of the original GLOW girls from the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Miss Roxy Astor suggested (since she knows I'm on a server's budget) to probably do a fundraiser...I most likely will.

A few weeks ago, Terry and I took a trip down to Pace, Florida to see my nephew graduate from high school. The trip was a good one in terms of things we accomplished. My sister found a good location of the dessert cafe/bistro and entertainment facility I am thinking of opening. We also went to the beach and Terry and I got burned to a crisp but not as bad as we did when we went to the fair in Perry last year.

Since I mentioned my dessert shop, I guess I should cover that a bit. Back in 1997/1998 I managed a dessert shop for a nice little Jewish couple in Roswell, Georgia. Their shop was successful enough to run two locations, one in Buckhead and one in Roswell, I worked at both. The owners were set in their ways to run the business as strictly desserts and coffee. The only atmosphere they set was the music. When Dan, the husband was in the shop, the 5 disc changer was filled with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. When Judy, the wife, was there, her selections trumped everyone's including Dan...she filled the 5 disc changer with Yanni and Celine Dion. When I was there alone, I had a blend of showtunes, pop, country and a little dance and disco...If I was recording my own music at the time, I would have been playing my own stuff. Anyway...I had a few ideas to make the business more community involved by letting local artists display their art on the walls and offer to sell the art for a percentage. I also suggested to allow local singer/songwriter types to come in an entertain...or even have an amateur night. My ideas seemed so foreign and crazy to Dan and Judy that they just said no and told me they like their business the way it was. They have both passed away since and their family closed their business. I would love to reboot the concept, including my ideas along with their amazing selections of coffees and desserts, minus Frank, Dean, Yanni and Celine. I have a lot of cool ideas that would involve strong community involvement also. Terry is also on board for this shop...just gotta get the funds to move from Atlanta...we are thinking of Mobile, Alabama or somewhere near Pensacola, Florida. The perfect location of our shop would be Pace, Florida.

My biggest news at the moment is the fact that I've been diagnosed with an incurable skin disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Fortunately, this disease is not contagious and cannot be passed on from one person to another. It is believed to be hereditary. Makes sense to me because I had an uncle that suffered from the same symptoms though he remained un-diagnosed...It's a disease that seems to be unfamiliar to many doctors and they treat it as boils or abscesses. My mom also suffered from boils when I was a kid. Since there is no cure, the only thing that can be done is treatment for it's symptoms. Diet changes will be inevitable. I have to cut out pretty much anything inflammatory and I'm now talking lots of vitamins and supplements. I intend to blog about the progression of my disease and treatment as well as include some tips to help others with this horrible disease. BTW, I've been told that HS is possibly one of the most painful of all dermatological diseases...I can attest to this fact because I've been suffering for over 10 years.

Heat of summer is among us...we had to get our A/C refrigerant recharged yet again. Seems to get more expensive each time. Anyway...I just want to say I HATE HOT WEATHER!!! Luckily we've been getting daily afternoon storms that cool us down a little...though a few hours after it seems to be cooler but more humid and muggy. Not sure which is the lessor of the 2 evils.

So that's it for now. Sorry no stories of snakes in rice, aliens, obscure musicals or family stories. My time is limited at the moment but I do promise soon. I'm heading to the bathtub to shave and get ready and off to work I go.


  1. Hi Arian,

    So sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with HS. I have had it for nearly all of my adult life and I hate it to say the least. Be grateful that you have been diagnosed relatively early though because like your uncle many people go years or sometimes lifetimes battling the symptoms never knowing what it is, but now you know what it is and can do something about it.

    I use a daily regimen of natural treatments such as tea tree oil and turmeric, I use a website called which I highly recommend, knowledge and education of this condition is the key to effectively treating it so I recommend you check that site out as it has an abundance of great information on now to treat the condition, in fact a lot of the stuff I learned from there I use to treat and prevent my own outbreaks, so much so that I have now reduced my outbreaks to just a couple of instances a year.

    Anyway sorry for the long post but just trying to help.

    Good luck!

    1. Thank you Betty. I'm actually taking turmeric as well as zinc. I appreciate the heads up on the tea tree oil as well as the website, unfortunately some of the information in that site leads to a fake "cure" . I have a great doctor and one of the best dermatologists in Atlanta, I'm hoping they will help keep this in check for sure. Thanks for the great advice.


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