Wednesday, April 15, 2015

That Shirt Looks Smart! That Shirt IS Smart!

Studies show that sixty percent of Alzheimer and Dementia patients will begin to wander and get lost as their disease progresses. Unfortunately, many will find themselves in this position more than once.

In this day and age of smartphones, corporations have begun to cash in on tracking technology. In an effort to get them home safely, a large communication and a large department store has joined forces to develop clothing equipped with GPS tracking capabilities.
The technology will provide authorities the location, within 50 feet, of the individual unknowingly wearing the device stitched within their garments. The plan is not yet set into motion thanks to the fact that testing units have had circuitry issues when washed.

The original idea, conceived by an assistant professor at George Mason University, was to equip shoes with a GPS unit for parents to track their children as well as nursing facilities to track Alzheimer patients. The technology was realized in 2002 when shoe manufacturer, GTX Corp GPS track-able shoes 2002 at a cost of approximately $300. GTX also offers GPS SmartSoles insoles which can be used with any pair of shoes.

The need for track-able clothing has become an issue due to the fact that many times, individuals that require remote over-site, are not wearing shoes. The proposed articles of clothing slated to receive GPS implants included under garments such as briefs, boxers and panties. Due to the fact that many patients require disposable undergarments, the focus has now switched to night gowns, socks, bathrobes and pajama bottoms.

The retail giant, which has not yet announced their plans publicly, is stating the access app to the GPS system will be available through the Google Play, Kindle and App Stores. The articles of clothing, each with an individual bar-code, will be limited to healthcare professionals and those with written prescriptions from a qualified healthcare provider. The retail corporation is hoping to provide the GPS traceable clothing for less than $40 per item.

This retail giant is not the only clothing outlet looking to make a profit off this technology. During my own research, I found that a certain lingerie company has been approached by individuals hoping to make the sex industry safer for prostitutes and exotic dancers.

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