Saturday, April 11, 2015

Psychic's Crystal Ball Destroys Home

English Psychic, Kim Yeates, of Somerset can see the future events of others but unfortunately missed the call in regards to her own future. Ms. Yeates had left her apartment to visit friends and returned home to find that her home had been destroyed by a fire.
Investigators discovered that a 3 inch crystal ball, a tool which Kim uses to read clients had been placed where the sun's rays were reflected through the sphere onto the back of Ms. Yeates' television, which exploded, set fire to her couch and the rest of her apartment.

Kim left the ball in a window, noting how she liked how the sun reflected through it. The fire damaged everything she owned and unfortunately, she didn't have insurance to cover replacement of her items.

Firefighters at the scene stated that they had never seen a fire started by a crystal ball. Kim states "I used to love looking at the crystal ball and watching the sunlight come through it, but I wish I had never gotten it now!"

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