Saturday, April 25, 2015

Kid Beats Mom Over French Fries

Dennis Hickman went berserk and repeatedly clubbed his disabled mother because she wouldn't share her French Fries with him. Family and friends have stated the troubled man has a history of violent and bizarre behavior. Dennis was charged with first and second degree assualt after his rampage on his mother.
Sheila Ross, Hickman's 52 year old mother, suffered injuries to her head, wrist and leg. She was treated and released from the hospital the same evening.  Sheila claims her son went crazy but isn't crazy and simply needs help.
After denying her son the last remaining french fries from her meal, Dennis grabbed a bat and started swinging. He kicked down the door, slashed his mothers tires, bashed in her mailbox and hit her car a few times.
Mrs. Ross told police, "He's my only son. I love him, but I can't be abused."

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