Monday, April 6, 2015

Car Karaoke Driving Discotech

Have you ever look over and seen someone singing and/or dancing in their car? Since I don't drive, I usually have plenty of time to watch other people do as they do in their own cars. A "fool" spotter, if you will. I've got it all down to an undetectable art...though Terry usually gives it away. We'll be stopped at a stoplight or stuck in traffic and I'll spot someone with their windows down, Thelma Houston blasting on the know it's not actually on the radio and it's most likely loaded on a device or they are playing a CD because it's crystal clear. I'll say "Terry look next to me" and he does as I'm trying to be discreet...of course he looks and stares for a good minute. By the time I get enough courage  to look back over, Terry looks away and the singer/dancer has felt the presence of eyes and at the exact moment that I look again, they turn around to see who's staring and since my head is in their direction, I'm the one they believe was enjoying the duration of their performance.

There are usually only two responses to this ordeal.
1-They stiffen up with both hands on the wheel looking straight ahead acting as it nothing happened


2-They instantly become a Vegas Showgirl that invites us into her world, essentially adding props and anything else to the performance.

By the time the song changes, you have the option of turning away as if the situation never existed or you jump in and sing a long and prove which of you is the true American Auto Idol. Pretty much if these people do these little performances in the cars, could you imagine them home alone? That's the sort of crazy ass friends I need in my life...for sure.

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