Saturday, March 21, 2015

Scientists Hunt Giant Earthworm

A reclusive earthworm that smells like flowers and spits at would be predators is being hunted by scientists.
The giant Palouse earthworm burrows can be found 15 feet deep in a farming region between the states of Washington and Idaho. Very few people have seen the odd three foot long night-crawler. It's best known for it's secretion likened to lilies and it's ability to shoot saliva at it's enemies.
A professor in Idaho, Jodi Johnson-Maynard, is leading the research project to study the elusive creature. She confirmed it's existence in 2005 when one of her students discovered the remains of a fat, white worm while collecting soil samples in the area. The team has launched a three pronged attack to unearth the giant earthworm. Digging holes and sifting soil followed by soaking the ground with a solution of mustard and vinegar. If both methods fail to force an appearance from the worms, the scientists will zap the area with up to 480 volts of electricity. Unfortunately, the last method could either bring the worms out of hiding OR electrocute them.

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