Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Non-Toxic Roach & Wasp, Bee, Hornet Spray

We get roaches, wasps, bees and hornets at random times of the year. When it rains, they find their way in homes to stay dry. When it gets cold, they seek the warmth from indoors. They seem to appear at the most inconvenient times and places. While it's easy to leave poison or roach traps out, these are treatments that eventually eradicate and control infestations.

When you see a bug, your instinct is usually to grab a shoe or something to squash it with. This creates a mess and many times, the pest will escape quicker than you can reach it. Store bought sprays have their disadvantages thanks to the fact that you're spraying poison in your home, on your surfaces and in the air.

A lady I used to work with gave me the best advice to kill roaches, bees, wasps and hornets without poisons. This method has an advantage over swatting, in fact it has 3 advantages. It kills the pest, no mess and you can use it as a light surface cleaner.
Any clean spray bottle will do. If recycled, clean it thoroughly.
Fill a spray bottle 3/4 of the way full with tap water. Drop enough liquid hand soap, dish soap or any soap to change the color of the water from clear to cloudy. A teaspoon of borax will be the real kicker in this solution. I usually refresh my mixture with discarded soap slivers which eventually dissolve.

Every time you see a bug, spray it with the mixture and make sure you aim at it's head. The soap creates a film over the bug's head which will asphyxiate it. The borax will act as a secondary killer, if the bug actually escapes...Bugs can be super fast and disappear into cracks that you didn't know existed, if the mixture doesn't kill on contact, the borax will finish the job after the pest has escaped out of sight.

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