Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Inventor Re-purposes Old Landline Phones

A 15 year old self proclaimed "Tinker" has discovered a use for discarded touch tone telephones. Jacob Milan of Idaho found an old telephone in his attic and decided to open it up to see how it worked. Jacob found was fascinated with the contraption and thought it would be awesome to integrate the old technology in his parent's huge home.
Jacob, with no permission from his parents added wires to extend from the doorbell unit inside the home to the back and side yards of their home. Young Jacob then mounted telephones in inconspicuous positions of the house and hooked up the wires. "Every time someone rings the doorbell, the entire neighborhood knows someone is at OUR door," says Eunice Milan, Jacob's mother.

Mr. Milan's re-purposed invention didn't stop at the doorbell, he created an addition to the family's alarm system and even armed their tool shed to ring each time someone opens the door. Jacob's future plan is to try and create a link between a telephone and the HV/AC thermostat to alert his parents when his younger sister decides to turn on the air conditioning during winter months.

Jacob's father makes routine trips to local thrift stores to purchase discarded telephones for his son. "Whenever I hear ringing in my ears, I know my son's invention is a success."

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