Saturday, March 28, 2015

Defunct Heavenly Ham's Actual Ham Salad Recipe

The logo of the former Heavenly Ham
A few weeks ago, I shared the actual Turkey Salad recipe for the defunct ham store chain, Heavenly Ham. I've actually gotten a couple of emails regarding other recipes from the chain. While I do know most of their recipes, there are only 2 that I cannot share due to the fact that the ingredients are no longer available as they were proprietary ingredients made specifically for Heavenly Ham that didn't get transferred to Honey Baked when they bought them. This was probably the least labor intensive salad to make, next to their pasta salad. It actually only contained 3 ingredients, in spite of many customer's belief that we included relish and various other items. This recipe is as close to Heavenly Ham's Ham Salad as you can now get.
A box lunch similar to what you'd get from Heavenly Ham back in the day.
1 lb Spiral Sliced Ham or any thicker cut. Also, honey smoked is a must. Brand really makes no difference
1/2 cup Special Sauce (see below)
2 stalks of green onion

This is the fun part, all ingredients into the food processor Chop until mixed but not fine and enjoy on your favorite bread with a slice of Havarti Cheese, a slather of mayo and special sauce.

Heavenly Ham's Special Sauce was nothing more than equal parts of Heavenly Ham's That Mustard and Mayonnaise. That Mustard was one of the proprietary items that is no longer made so I had to clone my own version which comes as close as you will get.

Heavenly Ham That Mustard Clone
1/2 cup Spicy Brown Mustard
2 tbsp Honey
2 tbsp Mayonnaise
Dash of Red Ground Cayenne Pepper

Heavenly Ham Special Sauce
Equal Parts of Mayonnaise and Heavenly Ham That Mustard from the recipe above.

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