Thursday, March 5, 2015

Boogers May Boost Your Immune System

A team of researchers from a West Coast university has discovered that the unsightly habit of picking one's nose and eating boogers may be beneficial to your health. The research team headed by two doctors conducted the project among two different kindergarten classes in two different schools. Each class was selected based on the teacher's observation that showed an equal amount of children that picked their noses and children that did not.
Dried mucus, or boogers, contains various particles of dust, pollutants, allergens as well as agents of infectious bacteria. Austrian doctor, Friedrich Bischinger advocated using fingers to pick and ingest nasal mucus. Dr. Bischinger explains, "nasal mucus contains a cocktail of antiseptic enzymes that kill or weaken many of the bacteria that become entangled in it. Eating mucus is a natural boost to the immune system." We already unknowingly ingest mucus as post nasal drip, it's a natural body function. Most the the harmful items however, are usually caught in the hairs or cilia towards the front of the nostril.
The test findings on the kindergartners, though disturbing, were surprising. Both classes had similar results, almost exactly the same in fact. Throughout the peak of cold and flu season, of the thirty non-nose pickers, seventeen missed classes after becoming ill. Of the thirty "booger eaters" only nine missed school for periods exceeding 3 days. Further findings did show differences in illnesses experienced by by subject types. Only three children that did not ingest mucus tested positive for strep infections. Within the nine children that were marked as booger eaters, seven tested positive for strep throat.
If you gotta pick, go ahead. This does not exempt you from the taboo of picking your nose and eating your boogers, you will certainly be judged. Though the study does show that it may be beneficial to your immune system, remember the places your fingers have been since the last time you washed your hands.

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