Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reading Glasses Before I'm 40

The day that each of my parents came home with a pair of reading glasses, I vowed that I would NEVER let my eyes get that bad.

Well...I made it to a few weeks shy of my 39th birthday before I realized that I need my first pair of readers. Nothing really special, just about 1.50 to 2.0 times to help me with my knitting when I'm working with a solid dark color and smaller print books.

I actually mentioned this to my doctor. She, in turn, asked me an array of questions regarding various ailments ranging from headaches to blurry vision of items close up or at a distance. Luckily, my truthful answers ended with the simple conclusion of "Yep, you should buy a pair of readers but nothing stronger than 2.0 and don't rely on them for anything other than what they are designed for."

I really through her off after this when she asked the last time I had an eye exam and my reply was 1998. Unfortunately, my insurance doesn't cover eye exams but none the less, she did refer me to an eye doctor...I needs to find me a decent plan before I make an appointment.

SO I now have 2 pair of readers One pair 2.0x for use while I'm at home from the Dollar Tree. Who knew the Dollar Tree actually had some decent readers? My second pair are Magnivision 1.75x from CVS for use while I'm out and about.

Long story short kids...Don't make fun of your parents and claim you will never let your eyes get bad enough for reading glasses!!! If they have glasses for reading, chances are YOU WILL ALSO!!!

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