Saturday, February 28, 2015

Learning Languages at the Library

Rosetta Stone and foreign language courses are a bit pricey if you are learning a new language for reasons other than landing a job that requires a second language. Many people can't justify the cost of courses if they know they are learning just for fun. Some courses can be as low as $20 but the more extensive and proven courses such as Rosette Stone are around $499 per level.
I am a huge fan of the public library. I can spend a day in the library from open to close and never get bored. Many people don't realize that public libraries have perks other than checking out books and music. Many libraries offer classes or courses on various subjects for free, the only requirement being that you have a library card.
I've learned to speak the basics of a few languages through audio language courses I bought at bookstores but nothing all too extensive due to the fact that the courses are usually time consuming or the expense of the more advanced courses.

I recently discovered that my local libraries has begun to offer members access to the popular Rosetta Stone courses on the library computers at no charge. It may not be as comfortable to learn in the library as it would at home but the fact that it's free is the trade off. Also, your distraction level may be lower at the library rather than the comfort of your living room.  

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