Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jade Statue Bought For $475 Sells For $6.6M!

A $475 jade carving of a bull has been auctioned for a $6.6 million. The statuette of a water buffalo was carved 250 years ago for Laoxing Emperor, the emperor of China. After being purchased in 1938, the eight inch long statue disappeared into is was rediscovered in 2008.
The buyer's daughter, Diana Miller, discovered it in England, wrapped in World War II era newspapers stuffed into a box. The carving was hidden by Miller's father, Sackville Pelham, before going off to war. Mr. Pelham died in 1948 and told no one the contents of the wooden bank box.
Miller was 88 at the time of her discovery. She had returned to England to settle her father's estate after living most of her life in South Africa. Miller was told the carving would possibly sell for $800,000 but racked up 8.25 times the appraised amount bringing the her profit to a whopping 1.39 million percent.

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