Thursday, February 12, 2015

Boogieman Wedged Under Little Girl's Bed

A child's nightmare proved more than just a dream when Michelle Richman of Auckland, New Zealand entered Jessica Richman's room around 2am to check on the 6 year old. Jessica had been complaining of noise and movement under her bed since the single mother and her daughter moved into the previously vacated home, four months prior.
Tim Burton's depiction of A Boogie Man.
Ms. Richman heard scratching and the shuffle of furniture on the wooden floor upon turning on the light. What she saw next terrified her. "I thought it was a crocodile stuck under the bed until it screamed," as Ms. Richman stated in her police report. She grabbed the young girl, left the room and called 111 before leaving her home to wait for help to arrive.

Within minutes, the police and animal services converged into the young girl's bedroom to find nothing but scratch marks on the floor as well as blood that could not be confirmed as a known type and a bit of shedded skin which appeared similar to the skin of a snake. No other evidence of the creature was found, nor was there any clear sign of entry or exit.

A statement from Constable Saunders reads "Claw marks appear to have begun and end under the bed. No other trail, entry or exit could be established."

Ms. Richman and Jessica vacated the home by 7am, hiring a moving company to pack and move their belongings to their new apartment. Jessica, now 11, "has no memory of the boogieman," Ms. Richman exclaims and goes on to state that no further sightings have been made or experienced in their new home.

The former home and neighborhood was damaged beyond repair and demolished shortly after Cyclone Bola.

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