Thursday, January 8, 2015

Purple and Black Striped Hand Knitted Scarf and Hat

So the cold weather season is in full swing. Atlanta's winter weather can be likened to someone with bi-polar (much like myself) off their meds. One day it's in the 60's and the next, the windchill is next to zero. Last night's temps got down to 14 with a windchill of -4 in my neighborhood and today we hovered just above freezing for a bit of the day with temps dropping again tonight.
Being that I'm an avid knitter with the attention span of a 5 year old, I mainly work on smaller projects. Scarves, hats, handwarmers, fingerless gloves and small blankets. When the temps drop, the sales go up and the very next day, the sales drop when the temps soar...I guess that's the nature of winter wear. As I've mentioned on previous blog entries, I have a few online shops featuring my knitted items. I'm actually trying storenvy out and possibly phasing away my etsy and ecrater stores, as etsy seems to be a place people are going for ideas rather than purchases and ecrater looks so bland with no way of dressing up the storefront. I have over 70 scarf and hat sets sitting in my house ready for new homes and I thought I'd share links to individual items here on my blog...Just in case you're looking for an amazing handmade gift for yourself or someone else. Today's featured hand knitted scarf and hat set is striped vibrant royal purple and black double knitted. The hat features a double knitted brim stitched in over the ears for extra warmth. Length: approx. 65 inches and 4 and a half inches of fringe with a Width of 6 inches. I used a 100% Acrylic Yarn with a comfortable soft feel made by Red Heart out of Albany, Georgia. If you're interested in purchasing this or other great items for yourself or someone else, please visit my shop at

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