Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hang Glider Saved By Divine Intervention

An 18 year old woman in Colorado realized she was in trouble when she reached the edge of a cliff and looked up to see the sun through rips in the front edges glider. Heidi Wright could not stop in time and a gust of wind caught hold of the wings and thrust her up and over the rocks.
This has been a hobby of Miss Wright since she was 15 and knew the danger of gliding. Heidi always took care of her equipment and inspected it on a regular basis. "I don't know why I didn't inspect it this time, I guess it was the excitement of not doing since the previous year," exclaims Heidi. She knew upon take off that it would be a matter of time before her spiral down would become a nose dive once she prepared for a landing. Heidi's life flashed before her eyes and then she saw what she said were the wings of an angel covering the holes that she'd noticed a few seconds before.

Rather than a routine downward spiral, Heidi found herself in an upward draft heading for the cliff she'd just flown from. Miss Wright says, "The draft was like stepping onto an escalator, very gentle and smooth." Gliding experts and scientists are baffled because the wind direction runs in a consistent spiraling motion in that area. As far as science is concerned, the ordeal Heidi experienced was not HUMANLY possible.

Heidi contacted the manufacturer of her glider to report possible issues with the unit. She was told the model was discontinued due to a recall the previous year. Heidi was prepared to purchase a new glider the following week but was surprised when the company had a brand new replacement at her front door the very next day.

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