Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cold Weather:Warm Accessories....BUY MY STUFF!!!

I've been getting a lot of messages through facebook and email suggesting that I donate my knitted items. I actually have my own way of making donations. Pretty much inspired by my own homelessness back in 1992. A few years ago, when I began selling my knitted items online I thought of an idea to set aside another scarf to donate. Same with hats. I don't drop my items of at stores or places like the Goodwill, because I know a lot of people that truly need them will not have the money to buy them...even if they were priced at a buck or two. The people that shop at the Goodwill in Atlanta are certainly not homeless types anyway...most are coupon clipping shoppers looking for a deal on something they want rather than something they need. If I don't drop off at a charity, how do I donate? Very simple. When I lived in NYC, I had a thin coat that didn't keep me very warm...just warm enough to not get hypothermia but I suffered anyway. I had no hat or scarf and when it was super cold, I had a fleece blanket in my backpack that I would wrap around myself under my jacket to keep warm. I often thought, if I knew how to knit or crochet, I would make a hat, scarf and a pair of gloves but at the time, I didn't. So now that I'm NOT homeless and I know how to make hats and scarves, I try to not only create my items to sell, I also create items to give to others. On cold days, I carry a scarf and hat set or two in my bag when I go to work. I pretty much just walk up to someone that I believe to be homeless or in need and hand them a hat and scarf and tell them to keep warm and walk away. It may be strange and sound like a weird move but it's my way.

With all that said, I just wanted to share a link to another item in my online shop...Since the cold weather is ramped up in the Northern Hemisphere...beat the cold with one of my creations. I've many of my handmade, loom knitted, creations are perfect additions to accessorize your winter wardrobe and keep warm as the same time. The hat and scarf pictured below and many others can be found at:

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