Friday, December 5, 2014

Working in Sandy Springs serving Pizza & More

After kicking around Atlanta for a few months looking for the right job match for me, I believe I have found it. During my time with Chuy's, I got to know many different managers but one in particular was just an amazing person to work for and just all around be around. The day he left to move on to another job in another state, the dynamic of Chuy's changed and not so much for the good.

While on my job search, I popped into Chuy's for lunch. I had heard it got even worse over the past year and really wouldn't have gone back even if given the chance. While I was there, one of the two faced managers that used to treat me badly behind my back and nice when I was looking at him meandered over to me. He was SUPER rude to me when he heard I was on a search for a job, as if I would've wanted to work there again...I'd rather eat fire in the streets for pennies than make a few pennies serving free food again. Our server, however, was gracious enough to tell me where my former manager now worked and I should give him a call. I did and today is day 3 of my training. I'm one of those servers that tends to pick up things by trial and error, you give me a test and there is a chance I will fail it...BUT when told what I missed on the test and what the correct answer is, I will NEVER forget it. Training is going well though. I should be on the floor by the end of the weekend. Come see me at Hearth Pizza Tavern in Sandy sure to send me a message before you come just to make sure I'm there. ;-)

Thanksgiving was AWESOME and we had the usual fare for the day.

BTW my knitting shops are open for business...CHECK THEM OUT.

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