Sunday, November 9, 2014

Adrian's Knit Wits...the Shop

Over the past few weeks, I decided to re-open my online shop which shares the same name as my blog "Adrian's Knit Wits." A thought about deleting my e-crater store completely and exclusively using storenvy but the day I was going to delete the e-crater store, I got an order for a scarf that I'd had listed for over a year. I'm trying to figure out which online store service would work best for me. I'm on e-crater, storenvy, etsy as well as bonanza. I'm not in love with Bonanza and Etsy's fees seem to be a little excessive though I guess they aren't as bad as they seem in the long run. Etsy is extremely user friendly, storenvy is as well.
I was going to set up a booth at the Oakland City Market this weekend in Atlanta but when I found out that this weekend, the Scott Antique Market was open, I realized it would have been a bad weekend. I'm thinking next Saturday might be the day. The only foreseeable downside to the Oakland City Market is the fact that Terry has to work on that day and I'll be sitting at my table from 8am until 6pm with no one to watch my booth in case I need to take a bathroom break. Anyway...If you're interested in a unique and functional holiday gift for someone or even yourself...Check out my online shops. SAVE 10% at checkout with coupon code: November


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