Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Original Moe's Barbecue

I am far from a restaurant critic. I will eat from any place and usually be happy but this is a rare occasion where I was extremely dissatisfied.
Terry and I were out doing Uber runs today and didn't have a chance to do lunch until late so by the time we were at the point of passing out, we decided to eat. Neither of us wanted "Fast Food" or anything ready made from the grocery store. I try to prepare lunches before I leave the house but today I didn't have any bread to make sandwiches so I figures we'd wing it.
I has seen a barbecue place on the corner of 14th & State Street a few times in passing and figured Terry and I could try it out...we love us some BBQ!!!!
Parking is in the back and an entrance in the rear by way of a great little patio was definitely a good thing.

We walked in and were asked if we'd ever been and the guy at the counter said he'd "explain how it works" and then pointed out the menu on the board. We weren't really looking for expensive "dinner prices" and were told the prices were the lunch prices. Before we ordered, the guy told us how expensive the price of meat is at the moment...Seriously? You're telling 2 guys that work at restaurants how expensive meat is? We both grocery shop also, we are fully aware of meat prices. $11 for a sandwich, two sides and a drink sounded a bit pricey but we were hungry and it would've been super awkward to walk out so we ordered and they brought it out to the table.

Terry ordered Pulled Pork Sandwich, Cole Slaw & Baked Beans

Adrian ordered Sliced Turkey Sandwich, Banana Puddin' & Mac N Cheese

The sandwiches were quite skimpy, probably about 2 ounces of meat on each. The sides were in 4 ounce containers but filled only 3 quarters of the way to the top. For a place to charge that much, you'd think they would offer larger portions of the sides, especially when those are usually the cheapest part of the entire meal.

We both enjoyed the flavor of the sandwiches but disappointed in the size. Terry mentioned the cole slaw was "interesting" it looked very celery seedy and he mentioned a little spicy and vinegary. My mac N cheese was good, it was obviously baked, the banana pudding on the other hand was definitely NOT pudding. I'm a sweets freak and I know my puddings, this seemed to be a concoction of Cool Whip, pureed bananas (or banana baby food) and 2 Nilla Wafers on top. The pudding was good but I'd call it mousse before I considered it pudding.

The atmosphere? It wasn't screaming of sterile and it wasn't exactly unfriendly. The only word that comes to mind is UNWELCOMING. The service seemed to be along the lines of Burger King during the time they did table service. I was finished with my food within 7 minutes, Terry took a little longer because he was listening to the conversation the employees were having regarding something political that didn't interest me.

As we walked out, we were never thanked...In fact we weren't thanked at all while in the building...As we walked down the steps leading to the parking lot I told Terry, I am still hungry and I feel ripped off. Our check was a little under $24, the amount of food we got on each plate most likely came up to no more than $4 a plate. I'm a great judge of food cost, been in the restaurant biz too long. If given the opportunity to return to this establishment for a second round, I'd polity decline with "Hell NO, I could fill up for less than $5 at McD's."

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