Friday, August 8, 2014

Pencil vs. Pen

Being a weirdo freak...or OCD...I've found that writing in pen leaves too many mistakes and somehow, scribbles and crossouts are hard for me to deal with thanks to the OCD. I never cared for pens, even when I was a kid. My parents seemed to have an endless supply of pens with logos and business names ranging from their own business B&D Home Care and Landscaping to AmSouth. Essentially, pens that just happened to be around, ended up in our house, banks, hotels, stores, restaurants, insurance agencies and pretty much anywhere that hands you a pen. I guess technically, they weren't stolen since they werte promo items. It really seemed like there were more pens in the house than my Tupperware bin of crayons. I think the only pencil in the house, besides the few my sister took to school, was a rectangular shaped pencil in my dad's tool box, which he sharpened using a box cutter.
Ever seen people do crossword puzzles in pen? The thought baffles my mind. When I was in school, I hated the classes where teachers would force us to use either black or blue ink, I really hated it with a passion. Something in my mind makes me make more mistakes when using pens, probably because of the anxiety of knowing you can't erase it and it just makes me loose a little control over my perfectionist emotion. I know I'm crazy, writing in pen to me seems like a high pressure thing, when we signed our mortgage, I made more mistakes than you could some office, someone is wondering why they gave someone like me a house when I can't even sign in the right place.
My house is overrun by pencils now, I have 2 electric pencil sharpeners and about 3 gross of pencils from Oriental Trading...Can't pass up good deals on stuff I'll eventually wear down ya know? Mechanical pencils used to be my thing but they seem to be more trouble than what they are never know when you're at your last bit of lead...Could be the crazy in me talking though.
Remember the super cool toy called Spirograph? Essentially, gears that came with a few colored pens, usually primary colors that barely work and no other pens will fit into. They did make really cool, colorful designs but due to the fact that pens were involved, I wasn't interested...Plus my sister would have killed me if I used it since it was hers...What was hers was hers and what was mine, I wasn't really interested in anyway.
Seriously I can't believe I'm sitting here typing about pencils and pens, obviously I'm bored and have nothing better to do at the moment. I actually sat down to type about something else and ended up getting sidetracked and forgot my other subject. I guess it could be worse, I could be talking about bad kids again. So what's your choice? Pencils or Pens? ;-)

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