Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Ped Egg...As Seen On TV 6 Years Ago

While searching through old files on my laptop, I found this little review/rant I'd written back from my days on MySpace. I thought it was sort of funny so here it is....Keep in mind that this is over 6 years old and the product I'm talking about is not as popular now as it was then.
OK- no one in the US has a reason to not have a clue what a Ped Egg is. Countless spots on TV showing people brag about their crusty nasty feet and how they now look great. The excitement on these people's faces as they show the filings of dead foot skin collected from their feet into the Ped Egg is really un-nerving and bizarre. First of all, I'd be REALLY embarrassed if my feet looked like those peoples and secondly...I'd never admit to it on TV, in fact, I would require the producers to film me like they used to film people that didn't want to be recognized on Unsolved Mysteries, voice lowered to sound like the devil and my image as a silhouetted shadow with a huge cheap wig and a pair of huge 1970's sunglasses.
Displays can be found all over the place, except never in the foot care section of the store. Walgreens, Duane Reade, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Wal-Mart & K-Mart seem to feature or feeture this in a place next to cookware, eye cream and anything else you see being sold on TV. The fact that this product isn't sold anywhere in conjunction with callouses, corn, wart, anti-fungal and any other footcare products creates many questions in my mind.
Having seen the commercial the first few times, I was disgusted with the fact that the Ped Egg looks like it would be sold in a kitchen store next to the citrus zesters or cheese graters. Could I be the only one that wonders if the true inspiration of this product evolved from someone using a cheese grater on their own feet? Could the actual prototype have been a citrus zester that only minutes before was used on a lemon peel?
Of course my disgust and curiosity got the best of me and I bought one during one of my excursions through Rite Aid at 3 in the morning, before they decided my location would no longer be a 24 hour location When I got home, I snuck into the bathroom with scissors and 25 minutes of cutting on the package, I finally got the thing open. I unraveled the directions and 30 minutes later I was ready. actually does a better job than the ladies at the salon do and you don't have to sit helpless in a straight legged position while someone is scrubbing your feet that's been used countless times on strangers while the ladies laugh and cup up with each other in their language never realizing we are sitting there waiting for them to let us in on their joke, which never happens. I'm sure they are laughing at us as they use the carrot peeler on our heels but they cover it up with a comment like "Oh she is so funny" as they try to direct your attention to the TV showing Oprah or Dr. Phil set to silent. Upon trying it out, I was hooked though I found that I didn't care for the emery pads that they included with the Ped Egg and apparently sell via an order form in the package. I found that a cheap nail file for acrylic nails from the pharmacy works much better, faster and cheaper.
So why is it that the commercial, as low budget as it is, appeals to the people that it does? I was one of these people though my senses told me I wasn't. Mo Rocca was apparently one of these people also and he actually filmed a series of Ped Egg inspired videos for YouTube, including the telephone ordering process which was hilarious in itself and definitely made me feel better about waiting to buy it at Rite Aid.
UPDATE 2014...I still have my original Ped Egg, I have found many replacement blades under different brand names and many of them work just as well as the original Ped Egg blades. The one thing that isn't explained in the commercial that several people asked me after I posted my review was why they have emery boards. The Ped Egg process is to use the blade to shave your loose or rough skin and the emery pad will buff it out and smooth it. Without the emery pad or an emery board, you will still have rough feet after using the egg itself. So what do I do with the dead skin collected from the egg? I sell it on eBay...No I'm just kidding...though I'm sure someone would buy it...Flush it down the toilet, wash your egg and dry it well. Foot cheese anyone?

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