Friday, July 18, 2014

Grass & Weeds in Pavement Cracks

Since Terry and I have owned our house, we've had a problem with grass, weeds and random plant life growing through the cracks of concrete driveway and sidewalk. We've tried various weed and brush killers as well as a ton of concoctions we were told would work. The greenery would usually wilt and within a few weeks, spring back to life.

I've finally discovered a remedy to our problem without having to pour concrete over those cracks or even using chemicals for a temporary fix and the best part, you need not buy anything. I remembered something my dad had told me when I was younger, never water your grass in full sunlight. Reason being, the sun heats the water which in turn scorches the roots. I know it's a fact because I've killed many a plant by watering them with warm water.
This year, I tested the theory but rather than pulling out my garden hose, I fired up my tea kettle and waited until it started whistling. I walked my kettle outside, with neighbors watching me look like a looney toon pouring steaming water on the greenery growing from the concrete. I may have looked dumb at the time but within a few hours, the plant life was beginning to wilt. Two weeks later, the tough weeds and grass are dry as tumbleweeds and beginning to break apart.

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