Thursday, July 31, 2014

Doorbells At Midnight Are Never Good

Last night was an interesting one, for sure. I was sitting in my studio/office room working on one of my videos for youtube and didn't realize that the uber phone was logged on. All of a sudden, a rider notification popped up and being the people we are, we hit accept. I grab my cooler of water, because every good uber driver offers everyone a bottle of water, and my shoes and out the door I go. The person's address didn't come up, only the street name. As I'm putting my shoes on in the car and calling the person, they don't answer. I call back 3 more times, leave a message, text once and no answer. I was four miles from my house and right next to Little Caesars...I get pizza...Not completely a wasted trip.

Back home, we eat, we hang out a while. Around midnight, Terry's watching a movie on Netflix, I'm in the bathtub and the doorbell rings. I jump out the bathtub, tell Terry not to answer and turn our alarm on. I'm in a bath towel, looking out the peephole trying to figure out who it is. Eventually Terry realized it's the next door neighbor. We love our next door neighbors even though the only time we talk to them is when we wave and say "Hola, como estas!" They speak very little English but do what good neighbors do, don't bother us.

I look for my clothes, throw on a shirt and my over-sized shorts that no longer fit me and a belt and turn off the alarm. We walk out the door and see the lady next door running back to us saying "PLEASE." I knew something was up but I'm thinking they were robbed or there's a domestic violence situation. Then she asks if we can move her truck for her. OMG, when she pulled into her barely wide enough for two vehicles, she pulled her brand new red Chevy Silverado into the driveway and scraped against her gray Pathfinder. The back passenger side wheel well was touching the bed of the back drivers side. The driver's side door was scuffed up also. There was a huge king sized mattress in the back of the Silverado so I'm assuming the ladies found it somewhere.
Her request was for us to get the 2 vehicles unstuck with minimal damage and re-park them in the yard. After a few minutes of assessing the situation of the vehicles, I tell Terry to pull the Pathfinder slightly to the left and straight up...It pulled the two away from each other with a little scuffing of the red paint and no visible damage to the Pathfinder. The Silverado was a bit more tricky because if we pulled it straight ahead, we'd run into the house and straight back, it would merge back into the Pathfinder. After thinking about it I figure out that the best option is turn the wheels to the left and backup and the Silverado will move in an archlike pattern...Would it work? Terry turns the key and the battery is dead. OMG REALLY? Dead battery, out come the jumper cables. Pathfinder jumps off Silverado. Next up, the emergency brake is on and Terry doesn't know how to turn it off. After five minutes, we figure it out. Keep in mind, our questions are in English and the ladies have limited English skills...We only know inappropriate Spanish and I'm sure "Como te gusta mi pinga?" would not apply to any form of this situation. So after I tell Terry my plan, he does it...It works and he pulls the Silverado into a suitable place on the driveway. Apparently, it needed to be in a better place...So the ladies husbands didn't know they moved the truck so I stood in front of the truck, directed Terry back and then forward again to get it lined up with the edge of the driveway. The lady that spoke more English than the other asked if he could do it with the Pathfinder also, Terry jumps in pops it in reverse and we here SCREECH...It's the emergency break...Luckily the Pathfinder had a release he figured out more quickly than the Silverado. He pulls it back and then forward half on their grass and half on the sidewalk.
We ask the ladies if there's anything else they needed for the night and luckily they say no. Terry offers their kids candy...we always have a huge bowl full of candy in the living room. The 2 boys run to our house, grab a piece of candy...I'm seeing 2 men kissing on the TV from the Netflix movie Terry was watching and I'm fumbling to get the TV off while Terry's in the kitchen getting a couple of paper bags so the boys can get a few handfuls of candy to go back home with.
Our intention was to get up at 7 am this morning to do UBER...The alarm went off and neither of us could get up. The midnight truck shuffle wound us up to the point that we couldn't get to bed at our usual time. I guess that's a trade off for being neighborly...I really think I need to learn more Spanish...just seems like a more neighborly thing to do...especially if it gets us invited to their barbecues and pinata bashing parties.
On a side note, when I got up to go to the bathroom, I notice a strong smell of Brut in my bathtub which was full of freezing cold water and gold glitter on my face. Sometime after my Ambien kicked in, I did something in the bathroom with glitter and Brut. Whatever it was, it will most likely be a mystery forever as their was no video footage. I don't know if it's the Ambien or the Lexapro that inspired this mystery.

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