Monday, February 10, 2014

Don't Know why there's no sun up in the sky Stormy Weather

Well, so far 2014 has had it's good points and it's bad points but it's definitely better than 2013.

I have insurance that is covering all of my needs. Terry has a better insurance plan that isn't covering his needs. Finding his options is definitely not fun especially with the fact that he tends to get emotional and wound up while I'm trying to help...I'm not good with hysterical people.

My house during a light drizzle of snow...NOT a winter storm.
The weather SUCKS...each and every time we get an impending winter storm, I am already scheduled off. I'm scheduled at 6pm tonight just before the bad weather rolls in.

I went to the doctor on the 24th, they weighed me and I was a whopping 207 lbs...I'm assuming it was mainly my fabulous shoes that added undue weight that wasn't accounted for. After weighing myself today February 10....I am 196 lbs. Possibly not all due to my shoes. It doesn't take much to motivate me to lose weight, just to keep me on track. I went to a nutritionist many years ago and still retained the knowledge I gained from my visit. My downfall, well one of my sugar based drinks..I've actually been more aware of what I've been eating and haven't done any sugar based drinks in almost 2 weeks. Lots of water and an occasional Diet Coke or Diet Mountain Dew...Coke Zero is AWFUL!!! I drink a lot of coffee and like black coffee for the most part but I prefer it with a sweetener so I usually pop a packet of Sweet N Low, Splenda or Equal (I work in a restaurant so I always have spare packets in my apron)...The diet sodas baffle me though, they have a horrible bitter aftertaste but yet if you drink coffee or tea with one of the 3 sweeteners that you mix yourself, it's got a very minimal aftertaste. I know there is another sweetener that the soda companies use to "mask" bitter aftertastes known as Ace-K which has a bitter taste itself. Could the bad taste be the Ace-K and not the other ingredients and could it be that the soda companies would rather make the diet sodas taste bad compared to the full on sugar versions to make you want the cheaper high fructose corn syrup formula...Apparently artificial sweeteners are slightly more expensive to use. I don't plan to make sodas a habit anyway so it's not like I'll bitch too much about them.

On the hobby front, I've been selling a good bit of my knitted scarves and hats, mainly online. I've not found a place to set up a table at yet. I actually don't have a real chance to do that at the moment though, my weekends are usually monopolized by work. Our managers insist we come in Friday-Sunday at 4pm rather than at 5 or 5:30 without any exceptions. If only I could come in later I would have a chance to have a chance to run a booth at a flea market or craft show. I'm actually working on new employment options though. I will be adding other products to my crafting list, coffee cups and wind chimes possibly. I can't just focus on 1 thing now, I'm too ADHD.

The Atlanta Fair 2014 stars in a few weeks...for the whole month of March. My friend Jodi will be visiting in March so hopefully she and I will be able to go and hopefully ride what we can without our big girl restrictions...And of course I will take plenty of photos.

So that's all on my mind at the moment...BTW click on the link below to listen to a mashup of myself and Katy Perry singing Roar. Not my best work but it's a fun little tune.

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