Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pink and Lavender Scarf and Hat

My latest scarf and hat set I have recently knitted and listed on my Etsy shop is a Pink and Lavender striped set. This was knitted on the All-N-One Loom on 44 pegs alternating 15 rows each of Red Heart Yarn's Pretty N Pink and Lavender and finished off with fringe using the same colors. This was knitted "in the round" giving it a double layer of warmth. I made this one a bit long, 60 inches long not including fringe, so it could be comfortably wrapped and still remain a good length. The width is 6 inches across. Though I made this with Red Heart yarn, you'd never know it because of the softening process I use after I've completed the project...My little secret.

I am currently in the process of searching for flea markets, craft shows and pretty much any venue I can set up at table or booth to sell my scarves, hats and other creations...I will keep you posted.

If you'd like more information on this or other scarf/hat sets, please check out my etsy shop at

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