Thursday, December 23, 2010

Collecting it really so bad?

If you know anything about me, you know I'm way into collecting music. I have thousands of CDs that I've collected since I received my very first back in 1991, Michael Jackson's Dangerous. This wasn't the beginning of my music collecting days though...45's & tapes filled bins in my room. I think I only have 3 tapes and two or three 45's now...I have lots of LPs and a massive amount of CDs. I've been asked many times by those that have seen my collection if I have listened to them all. Honestly, the answer is no. Some of them I have no interest in and apparently no one else is interested since I can't sell them on either. I've used some of those for parties and cross referencing for little projects I've done over the years, some I've used to educate a few people that had no clue in music theory. I've been told my collection is an OCD disorder called hoarding, I don't see myself as a hoarder...I like to think of myself as a self professed music historian. Though I'm known for my massive collections of showtunes and dance, I also have extensive knowledge in classic country, disco, pop, Eurodance aka Gay Disco and novelty tunes. I love introducing people to new music, there's something magical in watching someone's disinterest turn into an appreciation for something they probably would've never discovered on their own. I, at one time, ran my own net radio station, which had a huge following, but unfortunately as large of a following I had the operating costs didn't fare well with the revenue being generated by listeners...which was 0...I guess if I asked I could've gotten my listeners to support the cause through donations. I ended up shutting it down in the red because of the licensing plain English negative funds. I don't object to doing it again, just won't do it the same way...Hey, if there are any program directors looking for a killer showtune or gay disco show for your station...Hit Me Up!!!

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