Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tabloids and why I love them

I've always loved fantasy stories and things that are too good to be life reads a lot like that but it's totally true...I guess it would be to no one's surpise that I love tabloids. Not the celeb news though...I'm not a Perez Hilton, National Enquirer or Star fan...I don't care if Britney's snatch is blue or Lady Gaga fired her crew or they found Michael Jackson's nose in Bubble's poo...I don't know those people and I'm not interested in their drama. I don't read newspapers or watch the news and somehow I somehow know what's going on in the world. Tabloids are so much more fun to read anyway. Give me Bat Boy or stories of a 500 pound infant and his mom that's a mere 97 pounds. I don't mind GLOBE or National Examiner, they feature stories of real people in addition to a little bit of celeb fluff. My favorite was Weekly World News but the only thing that remains in print similar to WWN is the SUN. WWN is online but it's just not the same as when I was a kid though. When I was younger I'd secretly ride my bike down to the Jr. Food Store and see other kids spending their money on candy, sodas, Slush Puppies and crap, I spent mine on the Weekly World would take me a week to read it completely and then a day or so to reskim it and enjoy the advertisements. Did I care if stories were made up? Nope...I loved that part of them...there was something magical in stories with headlines like Woman's Breast Implants Explode Thanks to Low Flying 747. Did I believe it? I'm sure there was some truth to the story but the idea when reading these papers is to go into them with the will to suspend your disbelief. You just can't disagree that there isn't entertainment value in stories with headlines like Grossed Out Surgeoun Voimts In Patience or North Korean Sub Proling US Lake, Is Kim Jong Il Poised To Attack?

Silly Purchases? Definitely....Waste of Money? ABSOLUTLEY NOT!!!


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