Sunday, August 15, 2010

Me me me

Wow, I've had this account forever and a day and have yet to post anything on it. I started blogging way back when everyone was on myspace but when I made the switch to facebook, there was no blog so I sort of abandoned it but somehow I missed my mindless, sometimes drug induced, rambles and I thought that I'd just start doing video blogs on youtube. Unfortunately, much like the rest of the population of the planet, when I feel like blogging...I'm usually decked out in my boxers and nothing more. I don't think many people want to see my moobs (man boobs) while I talk about myself, my day or shit that's gone down in my here I am...typing away with lots to say but no readers. What happens if I post something really cool and I have no readers until a year from now? Would there really be a huge demand in a year for old mindless chatter? I guess I'll see.

So currently I'm unemployed, other than selling my crap on eBay, etsy and doing psychic readings on and bitwine...yes I am a psychic reader for real and YES I will do a reading for you if you contact me through either my, etsy or bitwine accounts. Yes, I'm saying no free readings, it's my time damnit and you'll get enough of me for free here, on facebook and a little bit on youtube.

So what am I planning to do here? Hell if I know but to be completely honest, being the mental case that I am...I'm sure it will involve strange, comical and something a little intriguing or at least like a wreck on I-75, you don't wanna look but you got to.

BTW-If there's anyone in Atlanta with connections to a decent paying office job...hit me up.


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